The Spanky's Story


A Chapel Hill Landmark


Spanky's, is an American Bar and Grill located on the busiest corner of downtown Chapel Hill, NC. A Chapel Hill institution since 1977, Spanky's is famous for great hamburgers, brown sugar baby back ribs, garden fresh salads and North Carolina BBQ cooked on premise. One of Franklin Street's most famous landmarks, Spanky's is a stone's throw from the campus of the University of North Carolina and a short drive from the Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU) and the Research Triangle Park (RTP). The bar is a late night destination for local citizens and students of UNC.

Our Mission

As with the entire Chapel Hill Restaurant Group, Spanky's strives to provide the value of quality service and outstanding food at an affordable price. We are committed to creating the best possible dining experience from our first contact with the guest through the end of the meal. We have also chosen to accomplish our goals sustainably, and we are proud of our efforts to become a leader in our industry. The Chapel Hill Restaurant Group was named "Sustainable Business of the Year" in 2007. All our restaurants use compostable to go containers, bags, bar stirrers etc in an effort to protect the environment. Spanky's, 411 West and Squid's Restaurant participate in a food recycling program. Mez Contemporary Mexican, our newest restaurant was the first Green Plus certified business in the United States, and was the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-designed restaurant in North Carolina.

Jenn Kessing

General Manager

Jennifer began working at Spanky's in 2009 while attending the University of North Carolina. She soon fell in love with the lively atmosphere, beloved regular customers, delicious, local food and fun loving staff for which Spanky's is so well known. Upon graduating, she realized she was interested in turning her love for Spanky's into a career and began working here full time. She left briefly to work at sister restaurant Page Road Grill but happily returned home to Spanky's in August of 2016.


Colt Snody


Colt is from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. He was raised in his family's restaurant where his passion for cooking was born. In order to expand his culinary knowledge, he moved to Winston-Salem in 2011 to work as a line cook at Sweet Potatoes. By 2012 he was promoted to Sous Chef. Seeking further growth, he made the decision to move to Raleigh. He began working at 518 West Italian Café as a line cook in the fall of 2012 and accepted the Sous Chef at Spanky's in the spring of 2013. During the winter of 2016, Colt graciously accepted a promotion to the Executive Chef position at Spanky's.

Miles Duggan

Sous Chef

After working at 411 West, Miles has returned to Spanky's. Miles has worked at 411 West, Squids and Spanky's where he has provided high quality, all-American favorites to restaurant, bar, and banquet customers. Miles started his career with Chapel Hill Restaurant Group in 1996 as a line cook and then worked through all stations in the kitchen to accumulate a full range of culinary skills.

Moriah Glenn

Floor & Bar Manager

Moriah began working at Spanky’s in 2012 as a host and food runner while studying at the University of
North Carolina. She instantly fell in love with the restaurant industry and a couple years later found
herself accepting a more permanent position as a bartender and part-time manager after graduating
from UNC Chapel Hill in 2015. In July 2017 she happily accepted a position as the floor and bar manager,
where she’s able to turn her love for managing people, creating craft cocktails, and providing great
service into a career.



The Chapel Hill Restaurant Group is committed to operating sustainable businesses. Sustainability is based on the Triple Bottom Line of economic viability, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. We have been fortunate to have a successful business model at Spanky's, primarily because of our incredible staff and our emphasis on quality and value. Our commitment to social responsibility is evident in the decisions we have made in marketing and advertising our businesses. Rather than pursue regular means of advertising through the local media, we have instead decided to spend the funds that would normally go to advertising to give back to the communities around our restaurants. We host many events throughout the year, provide countless gift certificates and food donations for fund-raising events, and provide accommodations and labor to assist many organizations. We proudly support the Public School FoundationChapel Hill/Carrboro YCMA, Mia Hamm Foundation, SECU Family House, and many other organizations with fund-raising events, and provide in-kind donations to schools, churches, and social groups throughout the Triangle.

We also try to reduce our environmental impact whenever we can. We have been called the "Rock Stars of Recycling" by Blair Pollock, Solid Waste Manager of the Orange County Landfill, and through our food scrap recycling program, have reduced our solid waste by over 85% at our Chapel Hill restaurants. We have purchased locally grown products as much as possible for the last thirty years, and we ardently support the Buy Local initiative in North Carolina and the Triangle. We have also been recognized by the North Carolina Coastal Federation for our oyster shell recycling program at Squid's, where we divert 100% of our used oyster shells form the Orange County landfill, and return the shells to the North Carolina coast where they are used to rebuild the state's oyster beds and assist the shellfish industries. MEZ is North Carolina's first LEED-designed restaurant, and has set an example for the food service industry that an environmentally committed business can not only be a good corporate citizen, but a successful one too.

We are very proud that we were named "Sustainable Business of the Year" in 2007 by the Foundation for a Sustainable Community, and that we were the first business certified Green Plus by the Institute for the Environment. We will continue to pursue a sustainable path as long as we operate our businesses.